Online Wellness Group

You want to make some changes, but maybe you aren’t quite ready to take the leap into full-on change. You like knowing all the information and have some tools in your toolkit before you start on a journey. If that’s the case, this is for you! Online Wellness Groups are designed to foster community with like minded people, while being a place to go for helpful information on living a more fulfilling life, in  mind, body, and soul. 

Online Wellness Groups Include:

-Membership to an exclusive Facebook Community with like minded people

-Ongoing community discussions about wellness topics, tricks, personal stories, etc

-Weekly live Q&As with Jessica

-Daily motivational posts

-Ongoing Facebook Community Group discussions

  • Weekly live Q&As with Jessica

  • Daily motivational posts related to mind, body and soul

  • Weekly personal check-in via email with Jess

  • Access to Jessica’s extensive list of personal resources and library

Online Wellness Groups

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Membership to the Online Wellness Group is a small monthly investment of $20/month.