Group Workshops

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Team work is essential for success

Healthcare teams are faced with the daunting tasks of collaborating on a daily basis to formulate comprehensive care plans for patients, solve facility issues, initiate difficult conversations with families, and keep the overall operation running smoothly. Group dynamics and a lack of on-going education and training can put a roadblock in the path to success.

Group workshops are designed for leadership groups of 2-20 members, to deliver helpful information that is relatable and important for individual success, and teamwork. Workshops focus on important issues that are specific to healthcare, and healthcare leadership.

All group workshops include:

-Assessment of team vital signs to determine specific needs

-In-person 60-minute interactive workshop

-Individual email access for the entire group

-Easy-to-understand examples and implementation

-Customized goal setting for moving forward together

-On-going support

Current workshops include:

A Different Kind of Culture Change-Culture change has been a buzzword in the healthcare industry for quite some time. But, this session uncovers a necessary culture change that we haven’t heard about yet. A culture of healthy and happy employees.

Healthy in Healthcare-As healthcare professionals, we spend our lives helping others heal or recover from ailments, sickness, and disease. But, what is the cost to our own health and happiness? And, what are we doing for our own health?

In this workshop, Jessica tells of her own struggles as a healthcare professional, and more importantly, what she did to stop the unhealthy cycle.

Team Communication-Communication between provider and patient is important for effective treatment. But, equally important is communication between members of the Interdisciplinary Team.

Difficult Conversations-This workshop dives into difficult communication and arms the team with tips and tools to successfully communicate during difficult situations.

Personal and Professional Lives: 2 Worlds Collide-Healthcare is a 24/7 gig. We’ve all heard it, realized it, lived it. So, how do you maintain a healthy work/life balance?

This workshop dissects the life of the healthcare professional and puts it into manageable sections. The audience will learn the vital behaviors associated with living a life of balance and fulfillment in both personal and professional venues.

Stress, Burnout, and Turnover-Stress, burnout, and turnover are all too common in healthcare today. The domino effect these things create is undeniably impacting employee satisfaction and patient outcomes.

Leadership 101-In Leadership 101, we will look at what exactly it means to be a leader, and the fundamental traits great leaders possess. Then, we will learn the tips and tricks of enhancing those traits and becoming a more confident and courageous leader.

The Cure to the Staffing Crisis-The session takes an objective view at national trends, as well as your facility or company’s current staffing woes. Together, we will come up with an executable plan for improvement for turnover, retention, and recruitment.

Then, we will look at current employees and how to increase satisfaction, and ultimately retain them as great, long-term employees.

Working Towards a Common Goal-

Setting goals is an important aspect in all areas of life, but especially so when working with others on a team. It not only gives your organization something to work towards, but it also keeps everyone of the right track.

In this interactive workshop, we will collaboratively create long and short-term goals that are specific to your team, and lay the groundwork for achieving them.

It’s the Most Stressful Week of the Year-Annual survey….the most dreaded week of the year. We all know it’s coming. We spend endless hours preparing for it. This is a much needed checklist for what you should be prepared for on a personal level. And, the tips and tricks to surviving the week while keeping your sanity and serenity.


If your group has a specific need that is not mentioned in the current offerings, I will design a workshop specific to your needs.