Corporate Wellness Packages

Health and wellness is your business. Better patient outcomes, increased satisfaction, and lower costs, all while providing top-notch quality of care and service are goals in every facility and company. The key to success in these areas is better employee health. Instead of patient-centered care, we focus on company-centered care in creating happier, healthier, more resilient professionals.

The Healthy in Healthcare program is customized to fit your specific needs, but includes some, or all of the following:

-In-depth analysis of current company data and trends including, but not limited to: turnover, retention, health insurance costs, satisfaction rates, employee health, etc.

-In-person workshops and trainings on a multitude of topics that will enhance education and knowledge personally and professionally

-On-site wellness assessments

-On-site fitness classes for all experience and fitness levels by a Certified Instructor

-Monthly newsletters specific to your company

-1:1 Coaching access

-Implementation of a sustainable and health and wellness program specific to your company needs

-Continued coaching and support to ensure long-term success