Memorial Day Musings

Memorial Day is a day to celebrate and honor those that gave up their lives fighting for our freedom.  I’ve always looked forward to it, but for all the wrong reasons.  

The holiday also marks the beginning of summer, cookouts, suntans, and pool time.  Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend?  I spent most of my Memorial Days like many: drinking beer and grilling out by the pool in my American flag themed bathing suit.  I enjoyed the fireworks and sparklers through blurred vision, literally and figuratively.

As my vision continues to clear, I am overwhelmed with gratitude on this Memorial Day.  I feel so lucky to be alive, healthy, and free.  I am so grateful and in awe of those who continue to fight everyday for our freedom, and still can’t even fully comprehend the act of someone giving their life for the collective good.  It is the ultimate sacrifice, and so unselfishly amazing.  

Today, I remember those who have given their life for my freedom.  Freedom to pursue my dreams.  Freedom to express myself.  Freedom to live a life of passion.  Freedom to write this blog.  Freedom to love.  Freedom to be a strong woman.  Freedom to believe.  I am so incredibly inspired this Memorial Day to act less in self, and more for the good of others, just as those who gave their lives did.

Jessica Hauser