Failing Forward

How do bloggers figure out what to write about?  Is it chronological?  Am I supposed to get the whole world up to speed on my past before I can start writing real time?  Am I supposed to post everyday?  Am I supposed to stick to one topic?  What if people aren’t interested?  What if I run out of things to post?  What if? What if? What if? 

Questions and conversations like that one are what kept me from publishing the first post a month ago.  And questions like this one keep me from doing scary things.  And most things that are worth it and amazing, are scary at first.  So, I’m pushing forward.  I’m typing.  I’m publishing.  I’m putting stuff out there. 

My intention with “Move Your Body. Still Your Mind” is simply to tell people my story in hopes that my experiences help someone in some way.  I’ve spent much of my existence keeping people at an arms length, never allowing anyone to get too close.  All of my relationships were very superficial, always just skimming the surface, and sure as hell not allowing anyone to get to know the real me.  Hell, I didn’t even know the real me.

Like I said in my first post of the site, I was a blogger once before.  A different time in my life.  Doing things I don’t do anymore.  BUT, it brought me to where I am today.  And that is a beautiful thing.

In fact, everything we’ve ever done, good or bad, has led us to this very moment.  “Failing forward” is one of my favorite terms now.  Even though we may fail at something, we don’t fail when we keep moving forward.  Moving forward with the lessons we learn from the failure makes us wiser and better equipped to handle the things that get thrown to us in the next adventure! 

So, now that I’ve successfully prolonged sharing anything personal for one more post….see….I’m pretty good at this….it’s time to tell you how I’ve been failing forward.

Jessica Hauser