Some of your may have already read this post when I started my blog Move Your Body. Still Your Mind  back in December 2017.  While I was writing blog posts for that site, I got the idea that I wanted to take this thing much further.  That's why you didn't see any posts from me until now.  I decided I wanted to go all in.  I decided I wanted to make this real.  So I've been away for a few months working on it, and still have a lot to do and to learn.  But, here I am.  Ready to see what can happen!


I started thinking about creating a blog several months ago.  I’ve gone back and forth in my brain a million times.  Should I? Shouldn’t I?  What do I have to offer to the world?  Will anyone read it?  What will I share?  Can I truly be vulnerable enough to open up and share my journey with other people?  Like real people?  Like real people, some of which I know…in real life?

While I was debating, I did some asking around about which hosting sites to use if I decided I was going to pull the trigger.  It was reccommended by a couple of blogger friends that WordPress was an easy-to-use site.  Once I decided to do it, I went to the site, put in my email address to sign-up, and I got an error message.  It said there was another site asssociated with this account!  WTH!

And then a rush of nausea came over me as a flood of memories came back.  I suddenly remembered I had blogged before!

In August of 2012, I started a blog called “Drink it in Asheville”.  The title was a double entendre about “drinking in”, or taking in the culture and beauty of Asheville, a new to me city at the time.  And the second meaning was literally “drinking” in Asheville, a city full of breweries, and rightfully dubbed “Beer City, USA”.

I had published 72 posts over the course of a couple years and had completely forgotten about all of them.  Forgotten.  I’m a quick learner, but a damn fast forgetter.  As I read through some of the posts, I realized that a lot has changed since that last blog post in 2014. So much so that I don’t even recognize the girl that once was.

I have a story to share.  One of experience.  One of strength. One of hope.

My mission with this blog is to share some of my story, and my journey as it continues, in order to help other people overcome things that may seem impossible.

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