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Health and Wellness Coaching

for Healthcare Professionals

1:1 coaching • group workshops • keynote speaking


Did you know that as a healthcare professional you are more likely to be diagnosed with chronic health conditions like asthma, obesity and depression? 

There's nothing like being a healthcare professional and I get it.  Working long hours.  Missing family events and holidays because your business is 24/7.   Being too drained physically, emotionally, and mentally after spending all day taking care of others to take care of yourself.  Indulging in unhealthy habits as a way to deal with stress. Even the American Nurses Association listed stress and overwork as their number one concern! It's time someone started taking care of you. 

 I work with healthcare professionals just like you to find wellness in all aspects of their life: mentally, physically and spiritually!

As a healthcare administrator, I know the toll it took on my mind and my body. Through my own healing journey I've gained the tools I needed to thrive both professionally and personally. It's my honor to share those tools with you so that the amazing people caring for those in need have everything they need to feel great everyday. Our society, your family, and most importantly, YOU need you living your best life!

You don't have to do it alone!